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“I want to know what I am doing here! Does anyone know?


Fire in the Sky

•Now that I have your attention have you ever asked yourself that question? Are you one of the many on this planet who wonder if we are the only people in the universe? And if we are, what are we doing here?

In the last week I have heard 3 people who do not know each other speak this same question. OK.  My brain may not be what it use to be but I don’t know a coincidence when I see one because I don’t believe in them anymore.  The skeptic might, but God could care less. God works in mysterious ways..not coincidences. In fact he doesn’t need them to fulfill his plans.

He is creative, rarely if ever does anything the same way twice and takes you on journeys you don’t expect. Some you wish you could forget! This is definitely not a question I can ignore so I am asking you! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

My answer is God only knows. He put us here for his own purposes; I do know that. I know why I am here, but it has taken many years, much pain, suffering, and resistance on my part to find that out. God never said it was easy, especially if you are like me and pull a Jonah on him. I don’t recommend that route; it is no fun. I didn’t end up in a whale but I am not going to tell you where I ended up. Just don’t go there.

Now I can tell you where to find it. The answer is in the Bible. At least that is what our Pastor said this morning. I can vouch for him as he is a well-educated man who seems to know what he is talking about most of the time.

What I find so amazing is he gave reasons today to read the Bible to find out what we are doing here. I already knew this because I have been reading and studying the Bible for years and it really works. The more time I spend alone with God, the more he speaks to me even telling me what I am doing here.

It really isn’t that hard. You just pick up your Bible, say “Speak Lord, I am listening,” and start reading. I am not telling you to read it all in one day, two days maybe. NO! lol. Take your time. 

Allow God to speak to you; just be open and realize he doesn’t usually write it on the wall. I have lost count of how many times I have asked him to write it on the wall, but the good news is when I don’t know which way to go, he SUDDENLY! reveals it to me. I have even offered to buy him a chalk board with the chalk to speak to me. The problem with that was he let me know in no uncertain terms he is a lot more creative than a chalk board.

I thank God literally that his thoughts and ways are higher and better than mine. (Isaiah 55) This is a touch of who God is. A small portion of his character. It is fairly simple; he is a lot smarter than we are!

I can’t speak for you, but if you really want to find out what you are doing here, ask God. Read the Bible. Study it. God created us for his purposes, for his kingdom. It is up to us as individuals to seek him to find out our personal story. A good place to start is Acts 17:22-28.

We are not accidents. We did not just appear. We did not evolve.

We were created individually by the most loving, caring Father to be here, at this time, at this place, for his reasons. Jesus Christ is the center of everything. Once you allow God to place this in your heart, he will lead you to your purpose.

I am writing mine.

“You’re on this planet for a purpose. Find it.”by Grantley Morris. netburst@net.burst.net

Photograph by John Randolph Harrison


3 thoughts on ““I want to know what I am doing here! Does anyone know?

  1. Well I made it. I think we are here to be the heart, hands and feet of God to others. I think He created us to worship and praise, love and adore Him. I also think He created us so He could love us. Good Post. SR

  2. I love this post, and your blog altogether. I find it amazing when you start looking for your purpose and God begins showing you.

  3. Thank you c4fox1….looking forward to reading more from you!

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