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Our cat is very vocal. One thing for sure is you know where you stand with her. She is 9 years old, quite active, and has been featured in contests and articles I have written about her.  I must admit she is a beautiful cat. When we took her in she was a feral cat. It has taken a long time to get her to be loving and caring; even during those times it is on her terms. My husband questions that even now.

The Cat from Gladiator


People say our pets don’t speak our language but ours does. She answers me when I call her name, “Maxicat?”  When she walks into the room where we are sitting she announces herself. 

She speaks the most when she is hungry! She won’t stop meowing!!! Recently I have been feeding her Meow Mix Select with crab and salmon. You will not get out of the kitchen without feeding her this delicacy. Her persistent “loud” cry is enough to get anyone’s attention.

This month our Pastor has been speaking on “Whispers from God.”  I am not advocating that God speaks like our cat but maybe he is trying to get our attention. God speaks in many different ways.

In my own life he has spoken with words like pictures that I see in front of me. He has allowed the Holy Spirit to warn me when I was about to make a wrong decision. At times the warning was so strong I would almost feel sick. God has spoken to me through his word countless times which helps me now understand why the Bible is so important. He has spoken to me through other people. In a “dark place” as our Pastor calls them,  God gave me a vision. This vision changed my life.

I have learned God uses anything and anyone to get our attention. He usually does not scream at us with a loud cry like my cat, no! he is a lot more creative than that. We need to make it a priority to be alert, waiting for God to speak to us in his way, in his time. Doing so not only gives us guidance and direction, it helps solidify our relationship with him which is the reason he created us .   For more information on “Whispers from God” please go to http://www.unlikelyclay.com

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