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I’m off to see the …..Nope not the Wizard


Dorothy ran down the yellow brick road off to see the wizard? Wonder if she really knew what she was looking for. We knew she wanted to go home, but do you think going by way of a wizard is the way to go home?

The Israelites made a 40 year journey that was only meant for 11 days. I can honestly say that my journey with God has been down many yellow brick roads but wasn’t looking for a wizard.  Not quite sure what I was looking for, or where it was.  I hoped I would know when I saw it. I was no different than many who look for God in all the wrong places. “Yes!” That was it. I was looking for God but the God I wanted.

Dorothy may have thought the wizard had the answer to getting her back home only to find he wasn’t a wizard at all.  Her glass slippers could no more get her back home except in her dream.

There are so many looking for God and they don’t even know it. The beach is my favorite place in the whole world. The wind blowing, the white sand and the infinite ocean was a sight I could never get enough of. When I was young I would stand and watch it wondering what was really out there. Now I know.

I was looking for God and didn’t know it. The vastness of the ocean, the

Photograph by John Randolph Harrison http://www.pbase.com/jrandyh

beauty it beholds, and the fact when you look out you see it goes on forever.Isn’t that just like God? He goes on forever and forever.

2 thoughts on “I’m off to see the …..Nope not the Wizard

  1. Well put…so often we go searching for the very thing that surrounds us.

  2. Yes, I agree that many are searching without knowing for what it is they search! Scripture confirms that God does speak through His Creation, although I believe the Voice is often muffled and dimmed due to Sin (its affect on us and on nature). But it is there. If we would just learn to listen.

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