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Starting Over and Over and Over

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Starting Over and Over and Over

I had curly, red hair. My favorite things were baseball caps, toy guns, Barbie and Ken and those ugly trolls. Swimming was my obsession. Tennis was my first love. College gave me a Degree, four great years and long lasting friends. Property Management became my career. Matrimony was not what I expected. Giving birth was a miracle. Divorce was wretched. Single parenting was the best classroom I have ever attended.  Affliction became my enemy. Re-marriage was not my plan. At 48, I re-married. Moving was not our plan. We moved to another state.  I re-entered school to become licensed in Property Management again. I started a home business. I joined facebook against my daughter’s wishes. Finally began a lifelong dream as a Free Lance writer. Who am I? The child God picked to survive and master the art of starting over.

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