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Technology 101

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Technology 101

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about our technology?  Do you believe he approves of it? Why do we have it now and why wasn’t it available when Moses wrote the Ten Commandments on stones? Where was it when Paul was writing many of the books of the New Testament?

Simply put we live in the most technological age that has ever existed on this earth and it is growing faster than our kids.  iPhones, laptops, iPads, Nintendos, Cell Phones, Texting, social networks, Digital and Satellite TV, cameras, iPods, e-mail, CD’s are examples of what have become a major part of our daily lives.

In the area of general entertainment we have the ability to watch movies and read books on our computers or laptops. Music is downloaded through means of little machines that make our old record players seem ancient. I had one of those so it can’t be ancient; I am not that old.

We ask ourselves, “How did we ever live without these things?”

I am old enough to remember that I didn’t miss them because I never had them. I was in college when I saw my first computer and I must admit I was afraid of it. It was so big it had a room of its own.

Cell phone; I never leave home without it. If I do I almost panic. Many years I did not have one; didn’t know it would ever exist and I didn’t panic when I left home. So why do I think I need it now?

Does it give me comfort? Do I feel safer? Am I so important that I need to be available 24/7 so all those people who want to call or text me will be able to reach me at the touch of a button? Was I less important when I didn’t own a cell phone?

Then there is my laptop that I really cannot live without. It has become a part of me. Sitting on my lap many hours of the day it brings the information highway to me in a matter of seconds.  My family and friends have become my desktop background with pictures I took with my digital camera that my husband gave me for Christmas. At any time I can log on to my e-mail or facebook accounts so I can keep track of what our church is doing or who is going to the beach. After teaching my 85 year old father how to e-mail I get to read his funny, misspelled words of wisdom and humor and how much he loves his truck.

Then there is the rationalization that I am writing articles for believersbay.com so I have to use my laptop even more. Heaven forbid I would ever use the ability of writing with a pen again. A pen and paper? What is that?

Let’s move on to Digital Cameras. I take pictures of everything especially our cat. She is so photogenic and full of surprises she has been featured on other websites. My daughter and her friends are great to photograph while swimming. Of course I take pictures of family that don’t live close by so at least I can feel like they are.

Digital cameras offer the ability to load pictures into our laptops and computers. This allows us to view pictures on a much larger scale and even post them on facebook. You can even send them via e-mail. It is much different than taking pictures on a Kodak camera like I use to have where you had to wait to have them developed. Now you get them instantly. Wow. We have come a long way.

I could go on and on about other new products but I don’t have all of them so I won’t. You get the “picture” right? We can’t live without these technological dreams or can we?

We did. We got along just fine without them. Maybe life was slower; yes, maybe life was slower and not so busy. When you put it into perspective most centuries down through the ages did not come close to having such luxuries. They are luxuries aren’t they?

How did they manage?

Allow me to shed some Godly light on the subject. Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.” (NIV)

Maybe God knew what he was doing after all. The day of advanced technology I believe has appeared in the last 30 years because God is preparing us for the day of Jesus return. God didn’t need for us to be so technologically advanced because he wasn’t ready for us to use them.  Maybe for those of us who grew up without a lot of these devices didn’t miss them because we weren’t suppose to.

Let me clarify that God creates only good. The use of technology for evil was and is not God’s doing or plan. It just makes sense to me that God intended it for his purposes like using computers to reach far ends of the earth to preach the gospel to those who haven’t heard it because it is too difficult to get there on foot.

Maybe cell phones were discovered for additional safety in a violent atmosphere than the way it use to be.

Maybe satellite TV was expanded so the “Jesus” film could be seen across the globe; not just here in America.

Maybe e-mail and social networks were the genius of our Lord to give us the ability to connect with our missionaries, military and family members in other parts of the world.

JUST maybe God waited until now for this technology to be discovered because he wants to reach as many people to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ as possible. It could not have been done as easily by boat, or even planes. It is like offering Jesus and his salvation instantly to those who otherwise would not have the option to receive it.

God needs for technology to have its place. We should keep it all in balance. I find myself going into “laptop withdrawal” if I haven’t signed in right after a cup of coffee.

Obviously, I need to work on this. When I didn’t have it, didn’t know it existed what did I do with that time? Like Ecclesiastes says, there is a time and place for everything.  There are different seasons God gives us to accomplish certain goals for his kingdom. These seasons are marked by growth, knowledge and wisdom. God lines our seasons with the people, places and time to reach the purposes and plans he has for each one of us.

Technology is one of God’s great resources to further his kingdom. The balance of technology is the simple joy of getting to know Jesus as our personal Lord, Savior and friend through the communication highway.

One thing for sure is it makes me appreciate men like Moses and Paul whose works were done in such primitive fashion. The great truth here lies that whether it was written on stones or over the internet, it remains God’s written word and is just as powerful today as it was then.


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