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Growing up one of my favorite fun things to do was swim. I looked forward to summer all year just so I could go swim in the local pool.

My mother would drop me off in the morning as soon as it opened and pick me up late in the afternoon. She loaded my wallet with coins to buy drinks and snacks because swimming always made me hungry. This went on until I started working and then I would go swim at night when possible.  I loved swimming and still do.

A prayer I had all those years was that one day God would allow me to live in a house where we had our own pool in the backyard. In 2007 after my husband lost his job we had to move to SC where the temperatures are quite hot. Not only did God provide him with a great job, he answered my prayer by finding us a house that had a beautiful in-ground pool in the backyard.

I remember when I walked in the house and saw the pool in the backyard I knew it was the house we were suppose to buy. It was not my husband’s first choice but God had other things in mind besides answering my prayer. We live 45 seconds from our church. The church has used our house for Bible studies, and to house interns or guests. The neighborhood has wonderful military people who move a lot which has proven to be a great addition to my Property Management business.

“Who said God isn’t creative and full of surprises!”  I love how he unfolds our lives around a simple prayer or shows his faithfulness after many years of waiting. God is awesome.

The owners who built the pool before us landscaped the yard with a white fence and beautiful palm trees. In my narrow mind I never thought much about these trees except that they are beautiful and add so much to the pool area. It is like a trip to the beach out the back door!

By now you are probably wondering how my title fits in with swimming and our pool.

Setting the stage was important to the point of this article.

We had an unusually hot summer so swimming was a daily occurrence here. Around the end of July we noticed a Dove nest in one of the palm trees. The nest was carved out of the old bark just under the green palm leafs. It was a perfect place for a bird nest. Some of the bark was flat with other pieces giving somewhat of a protective covering on the side opposite of the trunk. It was also high enough that our cat could not get to it!

Once the nest was complete the mama dove began sitting on it. Every day we would check to see if she was still there. Sure enough, it appeared she never moved.

One day we were swimming and I said to my husband,

“I wonder how long she is going to sit there. Does she ever leave the nest? Is the daddy dove anywhere around to help her? How does she get water and food?

Of course my intelligent other half did not know so I consulted google. The doves we had in our tree are mourning doves.  Day before the nesting began we would hear the sound they make referred to as a “sad coo.” The doves coo to announce their territory and that nesting is about to begin. Evidently they always lay 2 eggs which are incubated for 14-15 days. Once the doves are born, they leave the nest in 12-14 days.

I was thrilled to find out in my research the mama dove is not doing all the nesting! Male and female doves look alike and take shifts. The male dove takes the day shift and the female takes the night shift. Sounds like a movie doesn’t it? It is good to know that some males help around the house! (Sorry guys just had to get that off my chest!)Anyway, what appears to be the same dove is not. If you don’t see the changing of the guards you miss it.

The research also showed the adult doves feed the nestling through a crop inside their mouths which provides them with something called “pigeon milk.” It isn’t really milk but is nourishment.

I also discovered that once a nest is built, doves have been known to use that nest over and over again. In our case I hope that happens. If the nest is easy for prey they will leave.  If the adult doves feel safe, they will remain and return.

One late afternoon recently, we were swimming and were blessed to see the two “squabs” or baby doves had come to life and were perched on the end of some of the bark.  They were ready to take flight into an unknown world. At least that is what I thought until I noticed on the roofs of two houses next to us were both parents watching and observing us watching their babies.

I witnessed the first one fly away.  Soon after that, I watched one of the adult doves swoop down around the palm tree and the 2nd squab follow to another tree.

I must admit I was a bit sad to see them leave. In their time with us in the palm tree we would often get close to get a clearer view of them. The adult doves were well aware of our presence but remained for the required duration for nesting their little ones to life and health.

The Bible clearly indicates the correlation between Jesus and doves. John 1:32 says,

“Then John gave this testimony; I saw the Spirit come down from heaven as a dove and remain on him.”

I am not a prophet but have studied prophecy and believe that God has given me insight into his plans at different times in my life. My family can attest to this. God has given me warnings; notice of future life changes; signs and even visions.

Many of you may think I am crazy but I see these beautiful doves that landed in our backyard as a sign from God. When they first appeared, I didn’t think that much about it. As time passed and they remained I began feeling God’s presence around them. This peace that surrounded these small birds reflected calmness in the atmosphere. An atmosphere that only God can create that will change the direction our world is presently suffering through. It was as if God was shedding a tangible light from the spirit world to this one.

I truly believe in my heart of hearts God is getting ready to move and in a big way. He is well aware of the lawlessness, pandemonium, and anarchy that has ravaged his planet. He is a God of order and quiet and will not let this stand.

As far as I am concerned, these doves were like “hope” landing in our tree. Isn’t that what Jesus came for? Isn’t hope what we need right now? And if you are a skeptic, wait and see what God does. Maybe he will send you a dove.


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