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A Military Injustice

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This past week I received a phone call from a friend who is a military wife. They were our neighbors across the street for 3 years until they were given orders to move to Hawaii last summer. Major Scott Stewart has been active for almost 30 years. During the 3 years they lived across from us he was deployed ½ of that time. One of those deployments was for a year in Iraq.

Leaving behind a wife and young son, we took it upon ourselves to become their family. Living a few miles from Shaw AFB we have learned about the difficulties and sacrifice these honorable Americans live through on a daily basis. This includes their families who are often left behind for weeks, months or even a year at a time waiting on their loved ones to return.

This phone call was one of desperation.  Recently Major Stewart was given a pink slip.  He and his family along with 156 other Majors across this country have been told to leave their posts effective November 30 of this year.

You can imagine my outrage as his wife Deann told me they would have to move again, and lose all their benefits. There was no thank you for all your hard work and sacrifice; no medal for years of service. They were given notice with no financial support once they are out of the military.

SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE SYSTEM! The Defense cuts have prompted this avenue of injustice and failure. I am all for cutting spending, cutting taxes and having a smaller government. This includes the “good riddance” of fraud in programs such as welfare, food stamps and other such entities that are forcing the loss of hard working men and women such as these to lose their jobs. The amount of funds incurred from these outdated programs that fund those who wish to take advantage of the system and taxpaying citizens would most likely amount to millions of dollars. This money could be funneled back into the pockets of those like Major Stewart who is a hard working, dedicated taxpaying American! If you don’t believe me just ask my daughter who works in a grocery store. She can enlighten anyone on the misuse of these funds.

Where were the political preachers who daily use the media to promote the idea of creating jobs when Major Stewart was given his pink slip along with 156 others just like him? The idea of hard working taxpaying citizens is part of the answer to fueling the economy with funds to help it grow! How can that be done if people like our heroes are given the “boot?” The government has made no public declaration of this unsightly discrimination of so many lost jobs that I am aware of. In fact the podiums they stand behind have purposely hidden this abominable sentence to further their own agendas. This is simply un-American.

For those of you who read this please tell your family, friends and neighbors to contact their Congressman, Senators and the Armed Forces Committee on behalf of Major Scott Stewart. He along with the others in his position need our support, not to be forced out of the military only to go job hunting and have to start over.  This order needs to be reversed.

This article was published in the Item Newspaper on Sunday, August 14, 2011 in “The Letters to the Editor.”


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