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It Just Makes Sense


Growing up in church was not always that great. I must admit my journey has taken many detours and I have ended up here. By that I mean I finally understand what church was meant for although I didn’t learn it there. Most of what I have learned about the Christian faith came from experience; the side roads I took taught me life lessons as I ventured out on my own and off  of God’s path. Let me just say for the reader’s sake that I don’t recommend going that route. It is long, hard and often very difficult to rectify.

However I do know that my foundation in church plus having family members like my mother and aunt influenced me greatly. Remembering my childhood in church was listening to long, boring sermons, eating great food and running around the church building. John 3:16 stood out as my most memorable Bible verse but didn’t everyone know that verse?

Jesus is real. Every day he becomes more real to me than the day before. Depending on what I am going through or dealing with at the time, Jesus always shows up. He really showed up first in my twenties when I started having one crisis after another. Maybe I just thought he arrived then but really he was there all along; I wasn’t paying attention. Funny how that works; we get ourselves into trouble and what do we do? We pull a Jonah on God. After we are swallowed up by a whale we cry out to God to get us out. I am so glad God has a sense of humor because his own stories are a reflection of how he knew we would turn out.

No matter what I have been through I know Jesus is the answer. I didn’t use to believe that. I always wondered why preachers preached that. Now I know. It says it in Colossians 2: 2-3. It speaks of Jesus being the mystery of God where all treasures of wisdom and knowledge are hidden. I find that to be fascinating! It just makes sense.

Why wouldn’t God have provided some way out of everything? He is God isn’t he? If you really ponder those verses you realize that the plan was always there even if we didn’t think that it was. No matter what we do that plan is always in place. Our job is to find the plan God has specifically designed for us as individuals. Knowing that God would want to pay that much attention to each of us is a mystery in itself. After all we are descendants of Adam and Eve and we know how that turned out.

God placed a desire for writing in my heart at a very young age.  Finally, after raising our daughter, working outside of the home most of my life, I have the time. There was also the issue that I didn’t know what to write about. Seven months ago God showed me when my father became very ill and miraculously saved dad’s life. God wanted me to write about Jesus.  It was one of those “light bulb” moments that went off in my head. I have the opportunity to tell my stories to encourage, enlighten and guide others in their walk with the Lord.

For the first time in my life I know that God doesn’t waste anything. He takes our mistakes and turns them into lessons. He takes our pain and replaces it with his comfort and peace. He takes discouragement, despair and heartache and fills our hearts with his presence. The “alone time” I have spent with the Father learning about him is finally being written down hopefully to teach others to seek him voluntarily; he is waiting.

My original reason for writing was more for personal gain.  The desire to write has now become a place to sink my thoughts and real life experiences into the hearts and minds of those who hear a servant sending a message.  The message is one of unconditional love from the Creator of the Universe that is deeply rooted in the cross. There is no match for Christ’s resurrection.

Realizing the common sense standpoint of the Bible and Christianity has truly opened my eyes to the reality that there is no other way to live. Having a personal relationship with Jesus brings everything to a full circle. Getting to know God by his standards, not the way of the world helps us to become more like him. Simply put, it just makes sense to follow Jesus.

2 thoughts on “It Just Makes Sense

  1. Hi Cathy, I, too, have had ‘light bulb’ moments in my walk with Jesus and like you, I have also written about them in the hope that other people will just read my words and the impact of my message will hit them right between their eyes. I am writing a book at the moment entitled ‘For Such A Time As This’ which is a verse from Scripture (Esther 4:14) and is about my journey of living with leukaemia. God brings people together for a variety of reasons; to strengthen each other in faith or maybe a crisis of faith; to hold a hand when there is no one else there and to support one another as we walk this fragile earth.

    I have a little card – the size of a business card which shows two penguins: one has a huge fish covering its head but the other one says: ‘Relax, God is in charge’ and despite the trials and tribulations that come my way I can sit back and know without a shadow of doubt, that God is, indeed, in charge.

    Good luck on your journey. It’s been a real pleasure to meet you – you see what He did here? He brought us cat lovers together!



    • Dear Pauline, God can use anything to bring people together even cats! Thank you for sharing with me your situation. I will certainly add you to my prayer list. My closeness with God has also come from years of illness; I needed a hysterectomy 10 years ago and my insurance would not pay for it and as a result I almost bled to death. This resulted in years of all kinds of sickness and misery that really could have been avoided. I cannot say that I understand what you have been through but I can relate. One thing I know for sure is that God heals us and my journey has taught me that God wants his people well.

      Over the last year, I have had 2 family members die suddenly, and my father almost died last summer. Miraculously at 84 years old he is in better shape than he was before he became sick. Even his doctors have declared him a walking miracle. Due to the trauma of all of this I found myself unable to cope. God has provided me with a christian woman doctor who I have been able to help! How strange is that! But she has had major issues also. She put me on Lexapro which has helped a great deal.
      God wants us well and as I have seen miracle healings I know we can have that too.

      Please feel free to lean on my shoulder even through the internet. I am no expert but I am a prayer warrior. Keep me posted. God bless.


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