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The night before Jesus died he dined with his best friends. His cohorts. His apprentices. 

The table was set; candles were lit. The room’s aroma was that of freshly baked bread.

Wine was the servant’s beverage. After all; this was a special dinner. At least it was to Jesus.

In the past 3 years how often had they feasted together? Indulged a buffet together? “Broken bread together?”

Countless meals. Great conversation. They were buddies, companion’s, allies in the war on Satan.

Little did they know how this meal would go down in history as a deal breaker; a masterpiece wall-painting or the most notable betrayal ever witnessed.

How could they understand? What was the Messiah talking about?

“Take this bread. It is my body given for you.THE BIBLE tv series

“This wine is my blood of the New Covenant offered to you.”

Peter would never deny him. Judas would never sell anyone out for a few pieces of silver?

These were Jesus’ closest associates. His support system. His family.

The mission was over. Their classes had ended. And dinner had ended.

24 hours later they would question it all.

How could this happen? What does it mean?

We gave up everything near and dear to us and lost even more.

And for this? To watch him die?

Not just die; he was beaten, flogged, whipped, spit upon and crucified until he was unrecognizable.

We should have stopped it. Done something; anything to end the Roman’s illegal execution of the King of the Jews.

But…what do we do now? He is gone. Dead. In a tomb.

And with his demise went our faith. Did we dream these last 3 years?

Did he really turn water into wine? Did he heal the paralyzed man? And…

What about the woman caught in adultery? Did Jesus truly have the right to forgive…anyone?

It’s Saturday now. He’s been dead 24 hours.

What are we really supposed to believe?

Either this was the greatest practical joke played on the world or it really happened just as he said it would.

And..if it is true…..

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“Passover” Armor


I listened to a 3 minute video yesterday by Rick Warren. No matter what you may think of this man, his family endured the worst year of their life in 2013. Their 27 year old son Matthew who had suffered mental illness most of his life decided it was over. After committing suicide the Warren’s took a 3 month hiatus. The video is a significant tribute of how God held him together. His appearance was remarkably charismatic. He smiled and spoke with confidence and grace. He was a father who misses his son, but a man who knew how and where to go for the help he needed to deal with such a tragedy.

Ephesians 6:11 “Put on God’s whole armor [the armor of a heavy-armed soldier which God supplies], that you may be able successfully to stand up against [all] the strategies and the deceits of the devil. (Amplified)

We all need each other at different times in our lives and especially when our hearts are broken.
But no one can give us what God can.

The “Passover” is one of the best examples of God giving a prevention method to his people before the enemy hit. Those who listened and acted were spared the horrors of the “Angel of Death.”

As Pastor Warren spoke he told of how his family had given every possible medical and psychological attention to their son for many years. Supportive prayer was the ultimate therapy. But Matthew chose to wear the armor of someone else instead of his own.

King David was evidently a small guy; Saul the King of Israel was a big man.  Before David took it upon himself to kill the “Giant” Saul offered him his armor.  Sorry, but that would be like my husband giving me his clothes to wear.

1 Samuel 17:38 “Then Saul clothed David with his armor; he put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail.” (Amplified)

We are not meant to wear another person’s armor. David knew this because he knew the Holy Spirit was with him long before he faced the Philistine.  He knew he should follow God’s leading, not wear armor that would fall off of him.

As we fast approach Easter, the Passover is like a shield of covering to all of us. The protection God gave in Passover was settled at Easter.

Understanding this awesome gift is only done by going through our own crucifixion based on Jesus’ death and resurrection. Surrendering sin, confessing our hearts desire to be more like Jesus allows the Holy Spirit to take up residence within us. God never meant for him to be a guest.

Once done the Resurrection life of Easter should enter and occupy every area of our lives. Then God will be able to fill us with his holiness.

Does your armor fit?

If it doesn’t then you must have the wrong designer.





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Call To Ministry Statement.


If you never read anything else but the Bible, please read this testimony of J. S. Parks. I have often thought he is too hard on himself, but his words here are heartfelt and real. He reveals his journey of hardship and difficulties, but mostly in a very humble manner shows the awesome God we serve. He truly does have a story to tell.

Originally posted on J.S. Park:

This is the essay for my Call to Ministry Statement.  It’s for my ordination process.  It describes how I received the “calling” to ministry. 

At seven years old, I remember my first street fight in the only tenements that my parents – struggling poor Koreans they were – could afford. I had fought a much older single mother and lost. To my credit, she started it. At twelve years old, I decided I was an atheist. At fourteen, my parents divorced, as if to confirm that God couldn’t exist. At sixteen, I had my first drop of an ensuing ocean of alcohol. That same year, I went to what they euphemistically called a “Gentleman’s Club” and stumbled upon a terrible addiction. By nineteen, I had lost my college scholarship and dropped out with a 0.9 GPA. By twenty-two, I had swallowed a bottle of pills over the girl I…

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The April 15th Dread

Attitude adjustments are needed regularly.
The best place to receive this blessed lesson is
having a one-on-one heart to heart with God.1560528_10152218935241757_1560700742_n

He offers few limitations and with benefits.

God is the ultimate listener, counselor, stress reliever and adds bonus points for those who approach him for his guidance on changing one’s blistering attitude.

Example. I hate paying taxes for Planned Parenthood, Guantanamo Bays soccer field and tattoo removal programs.

Our hard earned money shouldn’t be supporting welfare/food stamps for those who abuse the system, spend $13,500 on a steak dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse or subsidized “parties” at political conventions.

Careless, uneconomical stupidity.

As I squirmed, fussed, fumed and screamed about the amount this government takes, it was time for a meeting of my mind with the Almighty. I needed an answer as to why this continues and what could I do about it.

I literally spilled it. Let it out. Beat my chair. I asked God to explain to me something; anything to stop me from this yearly, painful, wretched dread. Simply put: I can’t go through this anymore.

Of course, no one including myself would pitch such a sarcastic rant with God unless the relationship is one of close intimacy with a classic sense of humor to boot.

He never spoke. Never moved my spirit. Never acknowledged my exasperation. But I sure felt a whole lot better.

And then….3 days later this appears in front of my dreary eyes:

Proverbs 13:22 “A good man leaves an inheritance [of moral stability and goodness] to his children’s children, and the wealth of the sinner [finds its way eventually] into the hands of the righteous, for whom it was laid up.”(Amplified)

Talk about bursting out in laughter!

Paying taxes will never bother me again.


2014: Year of the Christian films or Christians crucifying them?



Films about God are making their way through Hollywood. How has that occurred?

Some question their validity and maybe with good reason, but we should never underestimate God.  Whatever God uses to bring a soul to him need not be examined. He can take the images, words and even Hollywood drama to open doors for those who know very little or zilch about Him.

Solomon, Esther, the Book of Esther, The Story of Ruth have been on TV this weekend. Considered “Women of the Bible” series, there are differences; diversions and deviations. However, if one truly knows the stories and the Biblical interpretation, determining the truth isn’t problematic. We as Christians should be careful not to exploit the legalistic views by nit-picking this and that.

Reading more in depth about Solomon and his famous father King David, it jars the mind how God used them mightily even in the midst of their adulterous affairs, murder and lack of self-control. As with many Biblical men and women, their personal faults are no different than ours. Yet we tend to crucify that which we know nothing about without giving God any room to alter the direction.

Who are we to determine what God may do with an atheist film about “Noah?”

Who are we to decide God’s intervention in the “Son of God” after the 2 Christian makers are thrown curve balls of being in the New Age movement?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not advocating anything here. Each individual is subject to God.

How can we throw stones at today’s versions of Biblical accounts with those of King David’s murder? Or Solomon’s love of way too many women?

It isn’t justifiable.

We don’t know their hearts. God does.

And….we are not God.1506054_770527439637946_556783362_n


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Silly News

If it weren’t all so serious, the world would be laughable.

Watch out for the shoes!

Federal Government has a “beef” with cows?

South Carolina meets David Letterman.

Informant or drug dealer?

Who can’t pay their rent?

The Koch Brothers have made it to the Senate 134 times! Oh. They aren’t Senators.

Jelly bean milk? Oh please. I hate jelly beans. And licorice

Teachers fired for marijuana? Go figure.

High School Illegals become teachers.

Common Core hates ice cream?

If you’re going to steal an Apple laptop, don’t call their support team.

Cell phones and drains don’t mix. Just ask the woman who got stuck in one.

Postage prices too high? Get a pigeon.

Crocodile goes shopping in California Mall.  

China needs fresh air and France is selling it.

Guy finishes his shopping. Walks out to the parking lot. Can’t find his car.
Convinced it was stolen he calls the police. As the police investigate, they find the car.
Right where he parked it.

Enough said.



Love Thyself?

I am convinced many people don’t like themselves.10171272_736884053009311_24297697741525726_n

Evidence is everywhere because if you don’t like yourself,
you probably don’t like anyone else either.

My years on this planet are not ancient, but long enough to know it wasn’t like this when I was growing up.

Friends and neighbors enjoyed each other.  

Kids obeyed their parents. Parents obeyed their parents.

Political differences weren’t a dividing factor.

Life was much simpler. No cell phones, computers, or Netflix.

GI Joe was a boy’s dream. The Lone Ranger carried a gun with no Concealed Weapons Permit.

Barbie and Ken were famous; and not seen as a threat. Trolls were ugly but fun.

If you passed “GO” you won $200 unless your card from the Treasure Chest said, “Go to Jail. Go directly to Jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.”

Love was giving Valentines to your classmates; even to bullies.

Reciting the “Pledge of Allegiance” was our wake up call. No one disputed its importance or heritage.

Entertainment was “Leave it to Beaver” and Paul Anka; not the Vampire Diaries and Marilyn Manson.

Life was lived. Not bludgeoned.

Opinions were regarded but not relationship breakers.

Neighborhoods were family; not enemies on a ball field.

It is no secret what people think of themselves now. Self-rejection. Self-hatred.

How we see ourselves is how others see us.10152452_784664014890955_1719954811_n

How we feel about ourselves affects how we treat others.

What we think about ourselves affects how well we get along with others.

The nation we hold dear is in need of another Elijah.

This land we call home is in need of a fresh harvest.

The state of our union is in need of our Savior.


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